cake for Maulid article

An Invaluable Gift for the Maulid Holiday

Today Friday (01/12/2017) was declared (in Nigeria) to be a public holiday for the celebration of our beloved prophet’s birthday popular known as Eid Maulid (or Maolud Nabiyy). As a Muslim who loves Allaah, His messenger(commendations and peace of Allaah be upon him) and my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam I decided to translate a post by Sheikh Ali bn Hassan Al-Halabi as my special way of thanking Allaah for this day of rest.

cake for Maulid article

On 26/11/2017 sheikh Ali bn Hassan Al-halabi posted:

On believers –O you who revere the messenger, love his ways and follows his guidance (commendations and peace of Allaah be upon him):

… This is how the true celeberation of our leader –rather leader of all offspring of Adam- Muhammad the messenger of Allaah(commendations and peace of Allaah be upon him) should be.

Sheikh AbdulHameedKashk said:

The messenger of Allaah; Muhammad (commendationsand peace be upon him) indeed achieved all virtues:

  • Allaahpurified his intellect:

You companion (Muhammad commendations and peace upon him) has neither gone astray nor deluded[1]

  • And He purified his tongue:

Nor does he speak of (his own) desire[2]

  • And He purified his revelation (and his sharia):

It is no less than an inspiration sent down to him[3]

  • And purified his companion

He has been taught (this Quran) by one might in power [Jibrael (Gabriel)]

  • And He purified his heart

The prophet’s heart lied not (in seeing) what he (Muhammad peace and commedations upon him) saw[4]

  • And He purified his sight

The sight (of Prophet Muhammad) turned not aside (right or left), nor it transgressed beyond (the) limit (ordained for it).[5]

  • And he purified his followers

You [true believers in Islâmic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad and his Sunnah(legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind[6]

  • And He purified his message

And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alamîn(mankind, jinns and all that exists).[7]

  • And He purified his household

Allaah wishes only to remove Ar-Rijs(evil deeds and sins, etc.) from you, O members of the family [of the Prophet (Commendations and peace upon him)], and to purify you with a thorough purification.[8]

  • And He purified him generally

And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted standard of character.[9]

…. Is it a messenger like this that should get only a day in a year to celebrate his birth?

Add to that: his day of birth was his day of death:

He was born on 12-rabiul Awwal and died on 12 RabiulAwwal; there are sixty three years between the two Rabiulawwal.

If we wish to celebrate a messenger of this status:

  • We should celebrate his manners
  • We should celebrate his ways

We shouldn’t set a day aside for his celebration. We should celebrate him every day.

So that we don’t innovate a baseless act into Islam!

If his birth was meant to be celebrated, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan and ali had more right to celebrate it.

The messenger of Allah said:

Follow my way and the way of the rightly guided caliphs after me, hold onto it with your molar teeth, and beware of newly innovated matters!)…

The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (commendations and peace of Allaah be upon him):

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