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Lyrics of Poem for Christians by Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah

Poem for Christians by Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah


O worshippers of the messiah we have a question

We seek answer from the one who has its (knowledge)


If God died by the action of a people

who (tried and succeeded to) kill him. so what is this God?


Did they please Him with what they did to Him?

Glad tidings to them if they pleased Him!


If He hated what they did to Him

Then their powers clearly suppressed His powers


Did the existence remain without a Lord

A All-Hearing God who will answer their prayers?


Did the seven (heavens & earth) become empty when

He was buried under the earth and it covered Him?


Did the world become void of a God

To direct it when His hands were nailed?


How could the angels deprive Him

Of their help when they heard Him cry?


How were planks able to bear

the true God when it was placed on His back?


How could the iron get close to him

till it touched Him and harmed Him?


How were His enemies’ hands able to

Stretch out till they stroke His back?


Did the messiah resurrect back to life

Or the one who resurrected him is another Lord besides him?


So surprising is a grave that contained God!

And more surprising is a womb that contained Him!


He stayed therein for nine months

In darkness fed by menstrual blood!


And the opening spread for a baby

Weak, opening his mouth for breast (milk)



Eating, drinking and producing

The implications of those, is that God?


Exalted be Allah above the Christians’ lies

Each of them will be questioned for his blasphemy

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