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Role of Students of (Islamic) Knowledge In Ameliorating Social Vices

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Role of Students of (Islamic) Knowledge In Ameliorating Social Vices

All praise belong to Allaah Who raises in degree those who believe among us and (raises further) those who have been given knowledge. May His commendations and peace be upon His noble messenger who was sent with knowledge, guidance, and every good, (may His commendations) also be upon his household and companions; people of knowledge, piety and lofty ranks.

To proceed:

Indeed Allah sent His messengers successively and revealed to them books of truth, guidance and knowledge and He made them bearers of good news as well as warners in order that mankind will have no plea against Allah after the messengers. He also obligated, upon His messengers, delivery of His message to the creations. They fulfilled this trust in the best way and strived tirelessly in its course till they delivered the message of their Lord, they have died but have bequeathed this divine and heavenly knowledge.

From the grace of Allaah and His mercy is that He selected some people for the conveyance of this knowledge; holders of pen and guardians of The Book and Sunnah, they are the ones referred to as students of Islamic knowledge, from the era of the messenger’s companions –commendations and peace of Allah be upon him. Allah named them scholars because they are the students of His messengers therefore they are the most pious people after the messengers, Allah the most Exalted said (interpretation of the meaning):

“Those who truly fear Allaah among His servants are the (Islamic) Scholars”[1]

They are also the best of the Ummah as the messenger of Allaah –commendations and peace of Allaah be upon him- said:

“The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it[2].

They attained the highest ranks, because the first role they played in this life was to ignore the worldly life; thus they acquired its prestige, honour and nobility.  AI-Imaam Ash-Shaafi‘ee said:

Wash your hands off the world and its people

And beware of their love, (if you do so) you will achieve from its good

Then, they adorned themselves with praise-worthy character and esteemed attributes, such that they ascended in humility as they ascended in knowledge. Their noble behaviour and attributes resulted in their outstanding erudition, thus, their knowledge benefitted them and they benefitted their society. This is because good character is the trusted guard of knowledge and is like the vessel with water since drinking or receiving water is not impressive except in a beautiful container otherwise the people will flee from knowledge (as they flee from an ugly cup).

Beyond this, they followed knowledge up with practice therefore succeeding greatly and their knowledge became a continuous charity for them.

Their knowledge endowed them with sincerity and Allaah in return made them leaders of the pious.

So their role in the society is the best of roles because they are the commanders of good and the forbidders of atrocities, the approvers on Allaah’s behalf for mankind, the inheritors of the prophets and the conveyors of the message of Allah’s messengers, they treat the ailments of the society with perseverance, patience, forgiveness in times of ability (to revenge), shyness, accommodation, affection, leniency and mercy to all the creations, also fulfilling promises, joining family ties, justice, trustworthiness, virtuousness, and truthful speech, calmness, gallant character, gentleness, asceticism and taking little from the world, and fear of Allah in seclusion and in public.I will conclude this article with what As-Sakhaawee[3] said about the scholar of hadith As-Shummunnee  in “ad-Daw’ul-laami‘ li’ahli-l-Qarnit-taasi‘” (9/75)

May Allaah reward the scholars of hadeeth greatly,   and preserve them forever in highest of ranks.

If not their concern for hadith,  and negation of different types of falsehoods.

And spending of their lifetime in seeking it, and searching for it with continuous seriousness.

The jurist wouldn’t have been able to differentiate, the authentic hadith from the weak and bogus.

 And he wouldn’t have known what was briefed in the Quran, and we wouldn’t have known the obligatory from the voluntary.

They indeed spent for it priceless souls,

 thus they gained the present and the future.

Therefore, their love is an obligation upon every Muslim, and non antagonizes them except the ignorant



[1] Faatir: 28

[2] Saheehul Bukhaaree: 5027

[3] Muhammad bn AbdirRahmaan As-Sakhaawiyy (831-902Ah): Born, raised and died in Egypt. He travelled a lot in search of knowledge. He is a Scholar of hadith and historian. He excelled in several other fields of Islamic knowledge. Az-Zarkaliyy said he wrote around 200 books.

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