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Ruling on Travelling to Lands of the Kuffaar

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The desperation of many Nigerians -Muslims and non-Muslims- to leave the country insearch of greener pasture is a well-known fact. As Muslims, it is important for us to know the legislation of Allaah on each and every step we are to take in our lives so as to acquire the mercy and approval of Allaah in all our endeavours because all our affairs lie with Him only.

In the light of the above, I have translated the words of the eminent and erudite scholar Sheikh Muhammad bn Solih Al-Uthaymeen (mercy of Allaah be upon him) on the ruling of travelling to the lands of the disbelievers. I hope to enlighten my brothers and sisters in the all-encompassing religion of Islam. Once again I ask Allaah the Exalted to add this to the scale of good deeds of the sheikh, translator, readers, and everyone who contributes to the spreading of this post.

Ruling on Travelling to Lands of the Kuffaar

The Sheikh (mercy of Allaah be upon him) said:

Travelling to the lands of the disbelievers is only permissible under three conditions:

  1. That a person possesses knowledge (of Islam) to protect him from distortions
  2. That a person possesses uprightness to protect him from temptations
  3. That a person is in need of it (the travel)

If these conditions are not met it is not permissible for a person to travel to the lands of the disbelievers because of the affliction in (such travels) or the fear of afflictions (in such travels). There is also waste of money in such (travels) because people spend a lot of money on those travels.

However, if there is a need for it such as seeking medical attention or acquiring knowledge that is not available in his country and if such a person possesses knowledge and uprightness as we have described there is no problem in it.

Travelling to the lands of the non-Believers for tourism is not a need. It is possible for him to travel to Islamic Countries in which her citizens observe the signs of Islam. Our cities (in Saudi Arabia) are now places of tourism –to Allaah belongs all praise- so it is possible for him to travel and spend his holidays there.

The dangers of living in the lands of the disbelievers are severe on the worship, ideology and manners of the Muslim. We and others have indeed witnessed a lot of deviations from the people who lived there, they returned with other than what they went with, they returned indecent, some of them returned as apostates; denying his religion and disbelieving in every religion –we seek protection from Allaah- to the extent that they became atheists and made jest of the religion; its past generations and present generations. This is why it is important, or rather obligatory, to be careful about that and to place restrictions to deter people from falling into those destructions.[1]

Final Words

So, there it is dear reader. Instead of seeking pasture in lands of non-Muslims why don’t you seek a visa to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait etc. That is safer for your religion. You will also be contributing to the development of Islamic nations by working there. May Allaah ease our tasks and rectify all our affairs in this world and the hereafter.

[1]Sharh Al-Usoolath-Thalaathah by Sheikh Muhammad bnSolih Al-Uthaymeen

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