Definition and Explanation of TAWHEED (Islamic Monotheism)

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  1. Roobiu says:

    References where not made in some parts. Like the statements of Shayk ul Islam in taymiyaah concerning the ninety names of Allah not being specifically mentioned by the prophet in an authentic Hadith. Please I would like that to be addressed

    • pristinecreed says:

      Can’t really recollect ever coming across the sheikh’s statement. However, it is not far fetched because I found the words of Al-Imaam Ibn Katheer in which he said in his tafseer (2/269):

      What a group of memorisers hold on to is that the mention of the (ninety-nine) names in this (hadith) was inserted.

      Source: (pg 18, footnote) of Al-Qawaa’edul Muthlaa by Sheikh Ibnul Uthaymeen. Annotation of Ashraf bn Abdil-Maqsood bn Abdir-Raheem. Published by Maktabtus-Sunnah. Please revise the book for more details.
      If you have the reference of where sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah said so, we will be glad to get it from you. May Allaah bless you.

  2. Roobiu says:

    JazakumulLAhu khayran

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