Taraaweeh: Holding the Mushaf (Quran) behind the Imam

In the name of Allaah the Beneficent the Merciful

Whoever holds on to Allaah is saved

Sheikh AbdulAzeez bn Baaz (Allaah have mercy on him) was asked:

Some followers who use the mushaf (copy of the Quran) to follow the Imam while reciting, what is your opinion in that?

He answered saying:

More than one person have asked me about this, what is apparent to me is that this is not befitting, and what is better is to face the prayer, concentrating (on it) and placing the hands on the chest; with the right being on the left palm, wrist or fore-arm, pondering on what the Imam is reciting and being silent, this is what Allaah the Exalted has commanded us:

So, when the Qur’ân is recited, listen to it, and be silent…


So, the sunnah is to keep silent and not to be busy with anything (else); not the Mushaf and not anything other than it. Rather he should place his left (hand) on his right concentrating, tranquil, silent, pondering and understanding what the Imam is reciting. This is what is more virtuous and better. But listening to him and (following) the Mushaf, the least that can be said about it is that it is disliked.

(The Sheikh’s “Fataawa” Vol 9, Pg 457

Sheikh Solih Al-Uthymeen – Allaah’s mercy be on him- was asked:

What is the ruling on some followers holding the Mushaf in the Taraaweeh prayer in Ramadan with the excuse of following the Imam?

He answered saying:

Holding the Mushaf for this reason is contrary to the sunnah. And this is in a number of ways:

The first way:

It deprives a person from placing the right hand on the left while standing

The second way:

It causes a lot of movement which there is no need for. Such as opening the Mushaf, closing it, placing it in the armpit, in the pocket and other similar things.

The third way:

It makes the praying person busy with these movements of his.

The fourth way:

It deprives the praying person of looking at the point of sujood (prostration), more of the scholars regard looking at the point of sujood to be sunnah and more virtuous.

The fifth way:

The one who does that may forget that he is in prayer if he doesn’t remind himself that he is in prayer, contrary to if he was concentrating, placing his right hand on his left, bending his head towards the place of his prostration, because (in this case) he is closer to remembering that he is praying and he is behind the Imam

(See his “fataawa”: Vol:14 Pg:232).


A treatise prepared by Sheikh Ali bn Hassan bn Hassan Al-‘areefee Al-Atharee (may Allaah forgive him, his parents and all the Muslims). Download the JPG format here.

Allaah knows Best.

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