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Manhaj: Retort to Tekfeeri Ideology

All praise be to Allaah and may His commendations and blessings be on the last Messenger, his household, companions and all those who follow their path till the end of time. Aameen.

To proceed,

This is a short retort written by a brother to counter a follower of the tekfeeri ideology. Tekfeer is the act of declaring Muslims as disbelievers for reasons which cannot be justified with the Quran, sunnah and understanding of the companions.. We have attached important footnotes to the original text. Perhaps the footnotes are more important than the text itself. And all praise belong o Allaah alone.

The founder and carrier of the tekfeeri flag in Nigeria is a well-known man. He is in Kwara state but has many followers spread across the South-west. We can summarize their ideology in one point:

  •   Every innovation is an act of disbelief.

They are also known by their ignorance of basic concepts in Islamic creed their lack of simple Islamic manners in speech and action and lack of regards for Islamic scholars. May Allaah save us.

caution-danger ahead

Retort to A Tekfeeri

There’s no scholar in the world, past or present that ever had your opinion. Your interpretation of The Quran clearly contradicts the unanimous understanding of the companions[1]. Isn’t that enough to show that you are in plain error?! The only sect of Islam that holds your opinion are the khawarij sect[2]. It’s the fact; whether you like it or not.

Your sheikh, J****a claims to have studied his methodology from Sheikh Robi’ alMadkhali (May Allaah preserve him). His younger brother, Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah, said it’s a big lie. And I even gave you a link to where Sheikh Robi’ (May Allaah preserve him upon good) stated clearly on his official website that not all innovation is disbelief[3].

The story of some of your fellow J****a followers who entered Iwo (a Muslim dominated town in Nigeria) and said: “there’s no believer in this town except so-and-so” reminds me of the two kharijites who went for hajj. While doing tawaf (circumambulation of the ka’bah) one of the two tekfeeris said to the other:

All these people are in hell except you and I.

The other one shouted:

Jannah, wider than the length of the heavens and the earth together was created for only both of us?! I have left it for you alone.

Then he returned to the people of sunnah. So we implore you to return to the people of sunnah tooand shun the way of the deviants and followers of their whims and desires.

You claim to be independent of scholars but when their opinion(s) suits your desires you jump to it and cling onto it like a drowning person. Isn’t it a matter of desires?! No scholar in the history of Islam ever said eating with spoon is an act of disbelief, your ideology does not only sadden the learned it is also laughable[4].

The root and cause of the khariji ideology is the delusion that they are independent of the companions (rodiyaLLaahu anhum) in interpreting The Quran. Isn’t it the same song you are chanting today? Quran and sunnah only, no scholar’s interpretation is needed! You are headed the wrong way no doubt.

We ask Allaah to show them the truth as true and make it easy for them to follow and also show them falsehood as falsehood and make it easy for them to abstain from. Indeed he is able to do all things.

Please ensure that you read our article on the role of students of Islamic  knowledge in the society and our article on how to give a guided refutation to deviants so you can see the difference between a true student of knowledge and a tekfeeri.

Notes and References

[1] Sheikhul Islam said:  “whoever says: the seventy-two sects have disbelieved and left the fold of Islam has indeed gone against the Book, sunnah, consensus of the companions (Allaah’s pleasure be on them all) and consensus of the four imams and others besides the four Imams because there is none of them that called the seventy-two sects disbelievers rather it is they (the seventy-two sects) that call each other disbelievers with some utterances as we have explained in details in some other place” (Kitaabul Eeman: pg 173; Download: shamela copy or PDF)

[2] The Khawarij are the first deviant sect in the history of Islam. They ideology is based on three principles:

  • Rebellion against leaders of the Muslims
  • Declaring Muslims to be disbelievers because of major sins
  • Killing and spilling the blood of Muslims

(see the preface of Sheikh Solih Fawzan’s explanation of Imam Muhammad AbdulWahhab’s  nullifiers of Islam).



[4] See Sheikh Albany’s fatwa on the ruling of eating with spoon:

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