Ruling on Grammatical Blunder in Supplication ~Ibn Taymiyyah

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7 Responses

  1. Questioner says:

    Is the ruling for incorrect grammar the same as mispronounced or misspelt words?

    • pristinecreed says:

      Yes it is, from the sheikh’s explanation.
      However, this doesn’t mean that we should be careless or carefree of learning and practicing correct grammar or pronounciation. Rather it only means that we should not make grammar our goal rather we should make concentration and khushoo’ our aim in supplication.
      And Allaah knows best.

  2. Hammed says:

    Does this applies to our daily solawat too?.
    Like all the kelimot therein.

    • pristinecreed says:

      Yes it does my brother. A person should recite with his default tejweed level. He shouldn’t burden himself with perfection because this weakens concentration.
      However, this does not nullify the need to learn tejweed, rather this emphasizes it. Rather what we are saying is that the time of supplication and solat is not practice time. If a person feels he needs to sharpen his tejweed then he should do train himself outside solat. But training and practicing in solat is no inline with its etiquette.

      Allaah alone knows best.

  3. Ibn seereen ✌️✌️ says:

    JazaakumullAhu khaira

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