Mudeer Markaz is only a Pretender to knowledge

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When we say Agege principal is a pretender to knowledge, we’re not saying this just to spite him. We’re saying this because it’s the reality.

Here’s a list and explanation of three of his horrible crimes against knowledge.

1. Imam Sheikani

 He translated “رواه الشيخان” as “Imam Sheikani lo gba wa”. Imagine such ignorance.

He thought Sheikani is someone’s name. Whereas Sheikani literally means “the two sheikhs” a popular term in the science of Hadith referring to Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim.

The one who doesn’t know this isn’t qualified to call himself a student of Hadith. But here’s mudeer markaz not only calling himself an authority but challenging students of knowledge to “debunk” his ignorance.

2. Imam Malik and the Sohabah

As if that’s not enough. The so-called mudeer said Imam Malik bn Anas, the Author Muwatta, reported directly from the sahabah.

Let’sassume the books of seerah and history are too difficult for the all-knowing mudeer to reach. A quick search through Wikipedia would have saved him from this mess.

Wikipedia says Imam Malik was born in 93AH. Whereas the last of the sahabah to die died in exactly 93 AH. Was a few-month-old Imam Malik already writing hadith?!

Oh! The last companion to die was Anas bn Malik. Perhaps the so-called mudeer actually Googled it up but couldn’t differentiate between Anas bn Malik and Malik bn Anas so he mixed them.

If that’s the case, a person who doesn’t know the difference between Anas bn Malik and Malik bn Anas has absolutely no business with the science of Hadith.

Unfortunately for the Agege man, despite his gross ignorance, he doesn’t only dabble into the field of usool Hadith but he claims to be an authority and even challenges others to debunk his rants.

3. Arab vs A’raab

Here’s the last but not the least of what I’ll mention of Agege Principal’s ignorance. He said (أعراب) a’raab is the plural of Arab.

How worse could the case of L’agege get?!

There’s a difference between عرب and أعراب as you can see in the spelling.

عرب means the Arab race.
أعراب means Bedouin Arab.

They are two different words and the one who doesn’t know the difference between them has no business with being the principal of a school let alone holding tafseer lectures in the noble month of Ramadan.

These words belong to a special type of plural in Arabic called ismul jins aljam’ee (اسم الجنس الجمعي). They are naturally plural and you get their singular by adding a closed ta (التاء المربوطة) or, as is the case here, letter ya (ياء النسبة).

So a single Bedouin Arab is called أعرابي (a’rabiyy) while the singular of عرب is عربي (arabiyy).

In conclusion

It’s now obvious to the sincere minded that L’agege is far from scholarship. Rather he’s a boastful, ignorant and deluded pretender.
I ask Allaah to make this an evidence for me and not against me on the day I meet Him and also make it a means to guide both the principal and his followers from their ignorance. Indeed He is able to do all things. Aameen.

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