What is Layth’s List

Layth’s List, like Pristine Creed, is a project of Islamic Heritage Centre For Translation and Learning (IHC). IHC is an organization that was founded for dawah (call to Allah). Of course there are many bodies that were founded for dawah but what makes IHC special is that it is a dawah organization that is aimed at using science and technology to propagate the dawah. This is because we believe that science and technology have a strong place in the future.

What Layth’s List is about?

Layth’s List is an interactive PDF magazine that is designed to be alive!

Layth’s List is an interactive PDF e-magazine; it is the first time the technology is being applied to this kind of concept in the world. The PDF is designed to be alive! In Layth’s List, the posts listed can all be touched to go straight to the poster’s page. Every post listed will have such a button that will take you straight to the poster’s page to like it, follow the poster or ask questions from him or her.

If it’s a YouTube video for example that was listed and put in the PDF, you only need to touch the picture in the PDF and it will take you to YouTube to watch the full video!

The big advantage of this is to give maximum exposure to the good Islamic posts and make the CORRECT dawah reach wider…

There are many obscure Muslim social media/internet users that are making real sense with their posts but those that such post(s) can benefit are limited because it is confined to that person’s particular social media account. Layth’s List aims to correct this and bring the dawah closer to you from all parts of the internet in one sweet organized interactive volume.

In another expression, Layth’s List is the ‘front page’ of the Muslim section of the internet.

The next issue that comes to one’s mind is:

Why is a Magazine like this needed? or What is the benefit of this magazine?

This is a very good question because the Muslim is supposed to do only beneficial acts, if there’s no benefit in something; the Muslim is expected to avoid it.


Give Muslim Writers a Voice:

There are many Muslim bloggers and social media users who are not known because they lack a voice like this. The world is not able to benefit from them because they have no voice. If writers like these subscribe to Layth’s List they will definitely get a louder voice in shaa Allaah.

Enlighten the Muslim World:

The injustice that the media has done to the Muslims is too great. They have given Islam so many bad names unjustly, it is important for us to protect the image of our religion with whatever we have not only because it’s our religion but because it is the truth. We hope that a Muslim (or non-Muslim) will read an article or poem etc from this e-magazine and be guided to the right understanding of Islam.

To Save Time:

There are thousands of Muslim writers and writings on the internet, if you try to follow each of these writers weekly you probably will not have time to engage in any other beneficial activity for yourself. By subscribing to Layth’s List, you will be presented 50 selected posts from all corners of the internet and social media every week; illustrated and with live buttons to interact with it. These 50 are not only the best but they are also a summary of all what is in the Muslim section of the internet for that week.

Improve the Number of Muslim Writers and Quality of Muslim Writings:

50 is a very small number compared to what roams the internet weekly. There will be very tight competition to get one’s writing, picture or video listed in the next edition of the magazine. That will encourage writers to improve the quality of their writings and also draw the attention of others to the beauty of Islamic writings, poems, designs etc.

There is no might or power except with Allaah.

I hope we have all understood the cause and goal of this project? We ask Allaah to make it easy.

How to Get Your Free Copy Weekly

The process is very simple; all you need to do is fill this simple signup form and that’s all. We will send you weekly newsletters to inform you of the latest publication and the download link.

However, if you wish to suggest a post, blog or social media handle for publication, you may reach us through our CONTACT PAGE or any of our social media handles which are at the end of this page.

If we see that an account that was submitted posts non-Islamic contents most of the time, we will delete such blog/site or account from the list of those we are following.

Layth’s List Social Media Handles

Telegram: t.me/laythslist

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Twitter: @laythslist

Instagram: @laythslist

Please follow and like us on our internet platforms. That way you can share our posts and get more reward in shaa Allaah.