AbdulHamid Gbolahan Yuusuf is a professional graphics designer.

He cofounded IHC based on his belief that the ills affecting the Muslim world can only be healed if they return back to the sunnah of the prophet (salalllahu alayhi wasalaam) based on the understanding of the righteous earliest generation of Islam.

Prior to that, Yuusuf was an editor-in-chief for an Islamic magazine for two years, a university society’s secretary, and Creative Director and Chairman of Conquest Designs – He still serves in this particular role.

Apart from enjoying a good story (or good history) from time to time, he sees to it that pristinecreed.com and Layth’s List content are delivered to you in top-notch designs. It is rumored he may be working with Layth in compiling his weekly list though. Allahulmustahan.

A graduate. Yuusuf is happily married.

Akinjobi Shakir Ademola is a post, writer and Arabic teacher.

He has been known of contributing towards educating the masses about Islam by writing.

From the favours Allah bestowed on him is co-founding Islamic Heritage Centre.

He is happily married.

May Allah grant him sincerity and paradise.

Olagunju Nasir Adebayo is a writer and (Arabic-English) translator.

For years, he has been active on online forums wrtiting on several areas of Islam, educating Muslims and non-muslims and making them see the true and correct picture of the Quran’s message. To Allah belongs all praise.

By Allah’s mercy, he cofounded the Islamic Heritage Centre hoping that Allah will make it a means to admit some people to Jannah Firdaus.

He seems to be the mind behind this blog’s design and some of its articles.

He is presently married and living in a serene countryside.